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Fascinated with the alchemy of molding metal into body adornment, LA-based designer Ann Marie Spinelli transforms precious raw materials into profound symbols of empowerment.

Instinctively, Ann Marie understands the power of style to define and express a woman’s identity. She uses this gift throughout her life to elevate and embolden other women,

Humor, art and music are always at play for Boston-born Ann Marie, especially while entertaining a constant stream of houseguests at her 1923 fantasy revival chateau in the foothills of the famed Hollywood Sign.  (Surprise visitors may also include wild coyotes and their pups, plus the occasional deer, that venture down to sip from the chateau’s water fountain).

Born in The City of Angels in 2016, Saint Ann Jewelry is named for the patron saint of equestrian riders and miners of gold and silver, as Saint Anne’s womb was considered the source from which these precious metals were mined. Firmly grounded in life and legacy – from designer Ann Marie’s homeopath Greek grandfather to her own animal whisperer tendencies – these statement pieces forge the ancient labor of metalwork with the primal art of body adornment.

Proudly owned and run by women.

“I have always surrounded myself with genuine, creative people. Regardless of what I am creating, be it friendships or art, I trust that they will stand the test of time and be a part of my life forever. My jewelry is designed with a similar philosophy – by sourcing 18k gold, pure silver and conflict- free diamonds, punctuated by flashes of precious and semi-precious stones, I create heirloom pieces to be passed down for generations.”
- Ann Marie Spinelli, Founder & Designer at Saint Ann Jewlery